Are you considering a Charity Merger?

We offer affordable specialist support at every stage of the process.

  • identifying potential merger partners,
  • facilitating initial discussions and visits,
  • preparing feasibility studies,
  • developing and implementing joint merger plans.

Sustainable Income Generation

Minimise the financial risk to your organisation or group by working with us to develop, and implement, a bespoke diversified income generation strategy.

Architects – support for community engagement and consultation

Localism has given greater impetus to the need for robust and cost effective approaches to the planning process. As an architect, can you say, hand on heart, that you have all the resources necessary to undertake a meaningful community engagement and consultation process?

If not, then read on!

Our new service offers architects support for every stage of this process - from design, to implementation, and report. We can take on the entire project (liaising closely with your technical staff), or selected elements, as you require…and your budget allows. Why involve yourself, or colleagues in community activities, when the fees for engaging a freelance specialist are likely to prove more cost effective? And, you would have the advantage of a neutral facilitator, in addition to saving time and money!

For further details on any of the above, please contact: Ann Collins on 01792 233694 or e-mail

Training and Consultancy

At Practise Training & Consultancy, we provide an affordable and effective consultancy service as well as training for voluntary sector stakeholders, staff members and volunteers. We understand that it’s important that you make the most of your funds and your time, and run your organisation or group effectively and efficiency.

Nobody knows your organisation or group better than you do. You may represent a small group needing start-up advice from a charity consultant, an established social enterprise or other not for profit organisation facing new challenges - with a need for training. You may be planning to build capacity – perhaps through a merger, to meet growing demands. You may have an employment issue which is causing serious concerns, or need help with communications or marketing.

Charities like yours trust Practise Training & Consultancy to help them grow and develop, and choosing Practise for your consultancy or your training can assist with governance, management, or development.

Practise Training & Consultancy

We can help you to maximise your potential or solve any problems, because you’ll work with qualified professionals who offer real-world knowledge and have been in your position. At Practise Training & Consultancy, decades of direct and relevant experience go into creating a working environment that’s effective and positive for all involved.

Short-Term Assistance, for Long-Term Gains

Whilst some consultants will be happy accepting your money to be drafted in to carry out tasks as a replacement to full-time staff, we offer something more. Our training and consultancy services help you to develop and improve, and we’re not intended as a long-term solution. Instead, we guarantee an affordable option that gives you the skills and knowledge you need to continue on without us.

Our training is effective and can be put to use properly. We leave nothing out, and we offer the opportunity to ask questions so that you won’t be dependent on us when our contract us over. We work with you, rather than for you, and whether we’re together for a day or for a month we’re passing on what you need without costing you a fortune. We bring out the best in you and your colleagues, but we’ll always be just a phone call away if there’s anything else you need.

Effective Training for the Third Sector

The secret to success is our client-centred and interactive approach. We are your:

  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Facilitator
  • Trainer

We can provide unique learning materials developed by proprietor Ann Collins, who is a qualified and experienced teacher and trainer, with creative and highly interactive approaches to help you to get the best from your training. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Trustees
  • Charity Finance
  • Volunteer Management
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Fundraising
  • Report Writing
  • Management and Leadership
  • Staff Development
  • IT skills for Committee Members
  • User Consultation and Engagement
  • Co-production of public services

We work with trustees and board members, paid staff and volunteers, partnership groups and consortiums, providing bespoke in-house training and open access courses, which can be either accredited or informal training to suit your needs.

Consultancy with Results

When you’re dealing with policy, strategy and operations, your involvement in the day-to-day running of your organisation can be a hindrance rather than a help. Corners are cut without you realising, and your emotional attachment and strong belief in what you do can overshadow the most practical and effective methods of carrying out your role and responsibilities. Our objectivity makes our consultancy services particularly effective, and though we’re deeply committed to your organisation or group we’ll maintain that ‘outsider view’ that means we can strengthen weak systems, create formal structure and help you spot the little cracks that could be creating risk, and costing you time and money. For example, we’re able to help you prepare for quality assessments such as the Investing in Volunteers Award.

We work with new charity start-ups as well as established organisations of all sizes. We can provide locum management and executive temping services, or arrange coaching as you prepare funding bids, undertaking user consultation activities for you, such as facilitating meetings and workshops. We can help you streamline your operations, and make the most of your staff and funding. We’re able to review governance, and evaluate your organisation, enhance the positive aspects and work with you to help your organisation or group grow and develop. We can work with you when you’re dealing with legal matters, and when you’re struggling with human resource issues. We can strengthen your services, develop action plans and help you to continue doing what you do, because your work is vital for so many people.