Practise Training & Consultancy has freelance professionals at its core. Headed by Ann Collins, whose experience spans varied third sector organisations on a local, regional and national level, we can work with you to solve problems, strengthen governance, increase income, improve sustainability, manage projects, provide interim cover, and much more!

As well as providing professional consultancy that puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the chance to make it clear what you want from our time, we can provide third sector training on a wide range of subjects and topics to ensure that everyone involved is working to their potential. Charities and other third sector organisations work best when every cog fits together, which is why we work with all third sector stakeholders from suppliers and funders to trustees, directors and CEOs.

Work with the Best

You’ll work with the best professionals – not just Ann Collins, but also other tried and tested freelancers when they’re needed.

We work with a pool of contacts in all sectors, offering specialist experience that charities and not-for-profit organisations don’t always have to hand. Our contacts include HR and IT professionals, accountants and solicitors, who will do exactly what’s needed to transform your organisation.

Our team will help you get the funding you need, deal with any concerns you have and enable you to do what you do effectively and efficiently, whether you need advice as diverse as resources management or guidance in dealing with the conduct of trustees or other volunteers.

Despite all this, Ann Collins remains your main contact and will lead your consultation and training. Your contract is with Practise Training & Consultancy, offering accountability through every step of the process.

What We Do

Our support can help you save time and money, reduce risk, make informed decisions, and get the very best results possible for your organisation, group or partnership.


We are able to offer governance consultation and formal reviews, due diligence and feasibility studies, training and mentoring for individual trustees, such as Honorary officers, or the whole board/committee, planning and facilitation of away days to review progress and set the strategic direction, draft trustee role descriptions and code of conduct, identify and screen potential trustees to ensure the vital mix of skills and knowledge among the members, and much more.


We can guide you in all aspects of management, including HR such as staff and volunteer recruitment, supervision, and in addressing poor conduct or performance. We can offer support for project management, and assist you in streamlining your processes to get the most from your funds and your time. We can mentor new CEO’s as they settle into their role.


The growth, expansion and improvement of your charity or organisation is as important as any other aspect. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, increase membership or staff numbers, or train and develop your existing volunteers and staff, then we can be called upon to offer development consultancy or training for any number of people. If you’re thinking about a merger, we can guide you every step of the way from exploring the implications and options, to facilitating discussions with prospects and on to the implementation. We are experts in user consultation and engagement, co-production of public services, and committed to the very best practice in Diversity and Equal Opportunities.


Sooner or later, we all want to talk money. As much as we’d love to, we can’t offer our services for free. Fortunately, we’re able to keep our prices affordable for all.

You’ll have some idea about what your budget can stretch to, and Ann Collins would like to talk in person. It’s best if you give her a call, and together come up with a focused and personalised brief and an appropriate quote. In return for your time, you’ll get an accurate price with no hidden charges. Why not find a quiet room, gather your thoughts and give Ann, at Practise Training & Consultancy, a call?

Otherwise, if you’re just here for ball-park prices, take a look below:

Daily Rates

Our average daily rate is £350. However, your organisation or group’s turnover may affect this figure. We charge less for charities than statutory or commercial sector clients.

We’re always willing to negotiate where budgets are tight, or where further work is a real possibility, and you usually don’t have to pay VAT*. We’re flexible, and able to agree pro rata fees for smaller assignments and for remote consultations by phone or email.

We’re never knowingly undersold, and if you provide a written quotation from an alternative provider then we’ll be able to match the price for an identical project – and may even be able to find ways to come in under budget!

*VAT may apply when associates including solicitors and Chartered HR managers are employed for your assignment. VAT will only apply for the associate’s work, and not the full project.