Real Results

We offer practical and constructive advice, professional training and consultancy services that generate real results – sustainable outcomes. Invest your time and money in Practise Training & Consultancy, and we’ll invest whole-heartedly in your voluntary sector charity, not for profit organisation, or partnership.

To get the most out of our training and consultancy services, you need a clear idea of what you want from us. Whether you need assistance with the growth and development of your non-profit organisation, or help with streamlining your quality systems to improve the day-to-day running of your services, we’re just a phone call away.

Our methods and our experience combine to create a complete package that will save you a small fortune and maximise your time. Charities and non-profits are more secure because they’ve received our guidance and there are directors, trustees and CEOs like you who are more productive and decisive because of our training. We don’t need to tell you this ourselves. People we’ve worked with before have said it as well as we ever can.

You’ll Work with Ann Collins

Like all of our happy clients, you’ll work with Ann Collins who heads Practise T&C and is a freelance trainer and consultant with decades of voluntary sector experience.

Ann Collins, BEd Hons, DipHE, DipHEc, MIoD, MIoEE

With excellent qualifications, Ann will assure you of a professional service like no other; but it’s not all about formal qualifications and pieces of paper. Ann has worked for 14 years as the founder CEO of a local independent registered charity and company limited by guarantee, and as Director of Marketing and Development with a UK-wide educational trust, as well as an internal consultant for community relations at the BP Group international headquarters, amongst a myriad of other roles that not only span voluntary sector organisations, such as charities and voluntary organisations of all shapes and sizes, but also public sector posts.

Ann’s experience, her dedication to providing a service that’s tailored to you, and her professional contacts create a team of experts that slot straight in to your workplace and will ensure you get the best from your voluntary sector specialist consultancy and training.